Chapter 3102  : Why don’t you let me see your painting?

“Tsk, it’s not funny at all.” Wen Xin stuck out her tongue, rolled her eyes at Jian muhua, and began to look through the menu again.

After she was full, Wen Xin asked Jian muhua seriously,””Eh, Jian muhua, to be honest, you didn’t ask me out today just for a simple meal, right? Is there something else? Don’t joke around, tell me properly. ”

Jian muhua was still smiling cheekily.”No, we’re not friends. We’ll just treat it as normal friends coming out for a meal occasionally, this is very normal!”

“Ordinary friends? Come out for a meal? Just like this?” Wen Xin asked, raising an eyebrow, her face full of disbelief.

“Yeah, is there a problem?” Jian muhua also frowned and asked,””In my opinion, that’s how it is. Besides, don’t you think we’re fated to meet? From the seaside of Sanya to the airport of A city, isn’t it all a coincidence?” Jian muhua spread her hands.

“But, other than this encounter and the meal we had at the café today, there’s no other fate between us. We have to do something in order to continue our fate. Otherwise, there will be no need for us to meet in the future. ” Wen Xin crossed her arms in front of her chest and said with her chin slightly raised.


“Then, what do you think we should do? Should I work or be in a relationship?” Jian muhua asked again, her eyes full of teasing.

Wen Xin rolled her eyes at him and took a big bite out of the straw in her glass.””I think we should part ways right now. Tell me, is there something you need from me, or is there nothing at all? you just want me to treat you to a big meal so that I can repay you for saving my life at the beach?”

Seeing that Wen Xin did not seem to be joking, Jian muhua’s face suddenly became serious.””Actually, first of all, I really want to see you. When we parted at the airport the last time, didn’t I ask you to invite me out for a meal and chat when you have time? But when I sent you WeChat messages, you almost ignored me. Even if you reply to me, it’s just a short chat, so I might as well ask you out directly. Also, I really wasn’t joking with you just now. I’ve thought of a way for us to continue our friendship. ”

When Wen Xin heard Jian muhua suddenly say that she missed her, her small face blushed and she immediately averted her eyes. She held the glass cup in her hands tightly and did not dare to look at him. She said gently,””You’re making fun of me again. What do you mean by “fate to continue to be friends”? do you have something to ask of me?”

“Ha, I like it when you’re so direct. To tell you the truth, I’m actually going around to organize a tourist exhibition. I heard that you work at the Ji group, so you must have a lot of space resources, right? Can you help me find a warehouse about 200 square meters like this? I want to use it for an exhibition. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you according to the market price, and I’ll calculate your pay separately. ” Jian muhua spoke with fervour and fervour. She looked at Wen Xin expectantly, as if she was eagerly waiting for an answer.

“An art exhibition? You … You’re a freelance artist?” When Wen Xin heard that Jian muhua was going to hold an art exhibition, the straw slipped out of her mouth. She asked in shock,””But it doesn’t look like it. Do you really know how to draw? You didn’t use your money to find a hot seller to draw it for you, did you?”


Jian muhua shook her head speechlessly.”Do you think that you’ll give away a popular painting so easily? you know that I’m a famous artist and can hold an art exhibition now. Do you think that you’ll give it to me so easily?” Don’t they want to earn their own money and enjoy their own fame?”

Wen Xin nodded thoughtfully. She felt that what Jian muhua said made sense. “That’s true. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, I have no problem finding the storage units. You can rest assured and wait for my news. ”

“You agreed so quickly? Can’t you think about it?” Jian muhua felt that Wen Xin was too straightforward, which surprised him a little.

“Cough, this is no big deal. Besides, you’ve already treated me to a big meal. How can I not help you with this small matter?” Wen Xin said with a forthright expression.

Once again, Jian muhua’s smile was as bright as the sun.”I really like a girl as forthright as you. Hey, there’s something you have to promise me. If you break up with your tsundere boyfriend, you must remember to tell me. I’m definitely here to poach him.”

“Ah?” Wen Xin’s eyes widened to the size of copper bells.””You … Jian muhua, aren’t you too shameless? What do you mean by me breaking up with my tsundere boyfriend? First of all, I want to tell you that my boyfriend is not arrogant at all. He is handsome and cool. Because he is capable, the tone of his voice is worthy of his temper. Besides, what makes you so sure that we’ll break up? we’re in a relationship with the intention of getting married. Besides, even if we didn’t break up, it wouldn’t be your turn. I’m not someone that a mediocre guy like you can reach. ”


When Jian muhua heard this, she laughed so hard that her arms were trembling.”It seems that he’s not only forthright, but he’s also very funny when he’s flattering and protecting his children. Alright, I’m not going to joke with you anymore. You’re almost done eating, right? this meal will be my apology for being late. In order to thank you for helping me find a warehouse to hold an art exhibition, I’ll invite you to watch a movie again to digest your food. ”

“You’re really good at playing Tai Chi. You haven’t even explained yourself just now. Do you admit it or not?” Wen Xin didn’t look like she was going to leave. She leaned her shoulders against the back of her seat and said,””Besides, we haven’t started looking for the storage unit yet. It’s not too late to treat me to a movie after we find it.”

Jian muhua felt that the Wen Xin in front of her was very different from the one she saw at the beach. Perhaps it was because she had returned to the familiar city, her entire person exuded the aura of a young lady. Usually, she should be very doted on, not only by her boyfriend, but even the person who looked like her sister she met at the airport seemed to be very reliable.

After a pause, seeing that Wen Xin was not going to back down, Jian muhua had no choice but to compromise.”Alright, I’m just saying what’s in my heart, but I really didn’t mean to offend you. You’ve seen it for yourself, I love to tell cold jokes during the meal. Don’t mind it too much. However, treating you to a movie is the same as treating you to a meal. I’m sincere, so you shouldn’t reject me. Otherwise, I’ll be too embarrassed to trouble you. ”

“Watching a movie is too boring. If you really want to thank me, why don’t you let me see your painting?” Wen Xin said, sticking her head closer to him on a whim.

Jian muhua was shocked, but after thinking about it, she felt that there was nothing wrong with it, so she nodded and agreed.

Half an hour later, Jian muhua drove Wen Xin to his studio, which was a glass room full of oil paintings.