Chapter 483: Side Story 9 (Part 2)

In the second month of the post-apocalyptic world, some people with special abilities appeared. Soon after, the military announced that crystals had formed in the brains of zombies, which were useful for enhancing one’s superpowers. This attracted many superpowered people to hunt and kill zombies.

But all of this did not affect Xiaoguo and the others. They continued running their thriving restaurant business.

Xiaoguo’s self-healing superpower was at a basic level. Ruyi’s earth-type superpower also appeared not long after.

With the onset of Ruyi’s superpower, Xiaoguo requested for a permit to plant crops in the empty space outside her door. With a casual wave of Ruyi’s earth-element hand, a squarish vegetable plot appeared right in front of them. It was extremely convenient.

To her surprise, Mr. Qin suddenly unlocked his water-based superpower, which meant that they no longer had to worry about their water supply.

Ruyi’s father had unlocked the lightning-based superpower, which meant that they no longer had to worry about their electricity supply. As long as they could control the strength of the lightning properly and transfer it to the generator, they would have an endless supply of electricity.


Although Mrs. Qin and Ruyi’s mother did not have any superpowers, they were not sad or disappointed. With their husbands and daughters protecting them, they did not need any superpowers.

Ever since there were four superpowered people in the restaurant, they became even more valued by the military. However, they had no intention of seeking fame or recognition. All they wanted was to live a simple and peaceful life at their small restaurant.

The payment of food had changed from supplies to crystal cores. There were four superpowered people at home, so crystal cores were more useful for them.

In the fifth month of the post-apocalyptic period, the large search team that had gone out to look for survivors had returned safely. They had successfully brought the survivors from the two nearest cities back to the camp.

The military booked the entire restaurant to welcome the returning heroes with a sumptuous dinner.

Since morning, the campsite had been bustling with activity. Xiaoguo and the others woke up before dawn to prepare dinner.


According to the statistics, 120 people would be coming. The workload was so heavy that it would require an entire day. Finally, the food for 120 people was completed by the evening.

After the generator was switched on, the entire place was instantly illuminated to reveal the delicacies on the table, which were emitting an enticing aroma.

When everything was done, the soldiers sat themselves down.

After checking that there was nothing else to prepare, Xiaoguo got ready to leave.

But in the crowd, a burning gaze followed her until she disappeared. Then, he retracted his gaze regretfully.

“Is that the girl you’ve been looking out for and thinking about all this time?” “What nonsense are you talking about!” A hoarse voice retorted instinctively. The person who spoke first, took a glance at him. “Still pretending? Your eyes were practically glued to that girl.”


Seeing that the other party was about to get angry, the man quickly steered the conversation. “Hurry up and eat. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten such fragrant hot dishes. If we don’t eat now, those hungry brats will eat everything.”

The man, who was now stuffing food into his mouth, did not notice the blushing man beside him.

In the eighth month after the apocalypse, Xiaoguo became an elder sister…

Mrs. Qin was already pregnant before the apocalypse, but for some reason, she was unaware of it. It was only until her belly started to show that the others came to realize her condition. They only found out the stage of her pregnancy after Ruyi’s mother took her pulse.

Looking at her baby brother, who was laughing at her, Xiaoguo fell into deep thought.

At that moment, Mr. Qin was thinking of a name for the baby, and Xiaoguo suddenly said the words “Qin Anming”. Unexpectedly, the baby in the swaddle suddenly laughed out loud and only smiled at Xiaoguo. When he couldn’t see her, he would cry and make a fuss.

Mr. Qin said that from the looks of it, the two of them might have been family in their previous lives. In this life, they were renewing their kinship.

As Xiaoguo listened to her father’s deduction, she suddenly felt a lump rising in her throat. She had told her brother before that she would become his elder sister and take care of him in her next life.

Looking at the little baby who was babbling away, Xiaoguo stretched out her finger silently. “Brother? Have you come here for me?’

The little guy grabbed her finger and opened his mouth as if he was saying something.

Xiaoguo smiled as her eyes turned red. “Its really you, Brother.”

Since Mrs. Qin was going through confinement, Xiaoguo took over most of her work.

At noon one day, Xiaoguo was sitting in the hall and daydreaming. A romantic period drama was playing on the television, and the air conditioner was blowing out cold air.

The door suddenly opened. Xiaoguo instinctively came back to her senses and stood up. “We’re not open yet…”

Before she could finish speaking, she froze on the spot. A tall figure appeared in front of her. Looking at the distinctive red cuffs, Xiaoguo was momentarily stunned. In that instant, she felt as if she had returned to that other lifetime…

The person who saved her from the zombies, the person who brought her to the camp, the person who helped her find accommodation, the person who came to show his support every day, and the one who had not spoken to her all this while…

“What do you want to order?”

The person was stunned. The courage he had just mustered disappeared in that instant. Fortunately, his ears were hidden under his hat, so the other party could not see them even if they turned red.

Seeing that he was not saying anything, Xiaoguo smiled and said familiarly, “How about red braised pork? And iced tea?”

The man was now blushing as he nodded gently and sat down stiffly in the nearest chair. He did not dare to look into her eyes.

“How did she know that I like braised pork belly with iced lemon tea? Oh no, my heart is beating too fast…”

The braised pork belly was already cooked in a pressure cooker, so Xiaoguo only had to reheat it in the wok. She also served him a large portion of rice, remembering that he had a big appetite. After some consideration, she scooped up an extra spoonful, and piled it up on the plate.

She also prepared a large glass of iced tea before bringing everything out.

“Thank you.”

Xiaoguo paused and looked up at him in confusion. “Have we met before?”

His voice sounded so familiar, with a low and slightly hoarse tone… it was so familiar.

At this moment, her heart was racing so fast that she didn’t know what to do. Besides Jiang Danhe, she had never felt this way about any other man.

“Four years ago… in university, during military training…”

He was feeling a little nervous since he hardly speaks and at this moment, he was facing the girl he liked.


Xiaoguo’s eyes widened. She was wondering why this voice sounded so familiar. So he was their chief instructor during the military training in college.

They were truly fated!!

He was her instructor in this life and the savior in her previous life. They were truly destined to meet.

Under Xiaoguo’s excited gaze, the man was at a loss, so he said dryly, “I’m going to eat.”

Right after saying that, he regretted it. That wasn’t what he meant!!

Xiaoguo smiled awkwardly and moved further away. “I’m sorry, please enjoy your meal.”

The man clenched and unclenched his fist a couple of times, before he looked at Xiaoguo’s back and silently picked up his chopsticks. He took off his hat, glasses, and mask and started eating the delicious food without really tasting it.

He looked at the little figure in front of him sadly. He really wanted to talk to her…

Feeling his gaze on her, Xiaoguo couldn’t do anything else even if she wanted to. Mainly because she was feeling very uncomfortable at this moment. Why was he looking at her like that?

Unable to take it anymore, Xiaoguo turned around and looked at him. This time, not only was the man stunned, she was also stunned.

Then, tears started streaming down her face…

“What’s… your name?”

The man paused for a moment before saying shyly, “Jiang, Jiang Danhe.”

Xiaoguo suddenly laughed while the tears continued to stream down her cheeks. Jiang Danhe’s heart skipped a beat as he frowned. He didn’t like to see her cry.

Without realizing what he was doing, he had already walked over to wipe her tears away.

Xiaoguo looked at the familiar face intently and greedily before she broke into a blissful smile.

The two of them were destined to be together. They were not going to be separated for a few lifetimes.