Chapter 997 (END)   - The Grand Finale

Chapter 997: The Grand Finale

However, Wei Zhiqian and Tan Mo did not respond to her with a smile as usual.

The auntie felt it strange, so she went to the balcony to take a look.

She saw that the two of them looked calm, with a smile on their lips, as if they were asleep.

The Auntie was shocked and had a bad premonition.


She trembled and put her hand under Tan Mo’s nose.


There was no breath.

She did likewise with Wei Zhiqian.

It was the same.

The aunt quickly called an ambulance and called their children.


The children rushed to the hospital with their own children and saw their parents for the last time.

According to what they had agreed before they died, they would be buried together.

They hoped that their parents would still be able to meet, love, and be together in the next life.


Tan Mo felt a breeze blow over, mixed with a biting cold.

This feeling was too familiar.


It was the wind with frost and snow that she had experienced for thousands of years.

Was this… on the snow mountain?

Tan Mo opened her eyes and lowered her head to see the leaves on her body.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the petals fluttering in the wind. She was surrounded by her familiar snow lotus companions.

Had she… returned?

However, when she was a little snow fairy, she would be unable to live. How could she become a little snow fairy again?

If she became a little snow fairy again, what would happen to Wei Zhiqian?

She had even promised Wei Zhiqian that they would be together in their next life.

Wei Zhiqian was still waiting for her.

She had passed away at the same time as Wei Zhiqian because she wanted to be reincarnated together.

But now, she had returned to become a little snow fairy again. Wouldn’t she be unable to be together with Wei Zhiqian?

She didn’t want to be together with Wei Zhiqian just for a lifetime.

She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

Now that she was a little snow fairy, everything in her previous life suddenly seemed like a dream. It didn’t seem real anymore.

When she thought that she wouldn’t have a next life and wouldn’t be able to meet Wei Zhiqian again, Tan Mo didn’t even want to be a little snow fairy anymore.

Even if she had thousands of years of life left, what was the point?

Tan Mo began to cry. Her tears fell on the petals, and they were blown into ice by the wind and snow.

“What are you crying for?” A voice that was too familiar sounded.

Tan Mo’s entire body trembled.

This… This was Wei Zhiqian’s voice!

Tan Mo tried her best to look up.

However, even though she tried her best, she could only see the hem of the other party’s robe.

However, she could not mishear this voice.

Soon after, her petals were gently touched by a warm hand.

It was as if it was hurting her. The gentle force made Tan Mo’s heart tremble.

Soon after, a familiar energy was transferred to her body.

Tan Mo only felt that the energy was unprecedentedly abundant, as if something was about to break out of her body.

Then, she seemed to be evolving from the inside out.

The flowers became ethereal, turning into countless tiny specks of light, as if they were about to melt into the air.

However, this feeling was not uncomfortable.

Tan Mo did not have the time to panic before her specks of light slowly gathered, faintly blending together.

Following that, a head was formed, followed by a neck, shoulders, arms, body, legs, and feet.

Tan Mo did not have a mirror now, so she did not know that the appearance she had formed now was exactly the same as in her previous life.

Tan Mo knew that she had finally completed her human form.

Tan Mo hurriedly raised her head.

Then, she was stunned.

Wasn’t the person in front of her Wei Zhiqian?

He had a face that was exactly the same as Wei Zhiqian’s.

It was just that his hair had become long and was tied at the back of his head.

His entire body was white and embroidered with gold and silver threads.

“Master?” Tan Mo said in disbelief.

The person in front of her was both her master and Wei Zhiqian.

“Didn’t we agree that if you meet me in the next life, you’ll only call me Brother?” Wei Zhiqian smiled as he looked at Tan Mo.

“Brother Zhiqian!” Tan Mo laughed and cried as she threw herself into Wei Zhiqian’s arms.

“I thought that you had gone to be reincarnated. I originally said that I would see you in the next life, but I could only leave you there alone. I was still thinking that I would look for you after I cultivated my human form!” Tan Mo rambled on incoherently, “How could you… how could you be Master?”

Tan Mo sniffed and raised her head to finally think about this matter.

It was so good to see the young Wei Zhiqian again.

Her small face must be very tender.

Without waiting for Wei Zhiqian to answer, Tan Mo thought of another question, “What do I look like now? Is it the same as before?”

Wei Zhiqian nodded. “It’s the same.”

Wei Zhiqian waved his hand, and a mirror appeared out of thin air in front of him.

Tan Mo knew that this was the Transworld Mirror.

Before the Transworld Mirror was opened, it was just an ordinary mirror.

Tan Mo saw her own appearance.

Indeed, she looked exactly the same as in her previous life.

“Master…” Tan Mo was used to calling him that and almost called him master again. “Brother Zhiqian.”

Master was Wei Zhiqian.

She still had to get used to it.

“How did you become Brother Zhiqian?” Tan Mo asked in confusion.

Wei Zhiqian waved his hand and a scene appeared in the Transworld Mirror.

It was exactly the scene Tan Mo had seen before. In her first life, Tan Mo died young and the Tan family was destroyed.

However, something happened after.

Tan Mo didn’t see what had happened after that.

She saw her three older brothers go to the Taoist temples to pray for blessings.

Then, they walked all the way to the snow mountain and walked around it to pray for blessings.

They were willing to use the rest of their lives to exchange for Tan Mo’s reincarnation, and for her to be happy and live a long life.

“Actually, your first life was also you,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Tan Mo opened her mouth.

How could it be? How could she be so stupid in her first life?

How could she be schemed against by Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing?

“They used the rest of their lives to exchange for your reincarnation,” said Wei Zhiqian, “I took your soul and used the time reversal technique to return to a thousand years ago. I planted your soul on this snow mountain and attached it to the snow lotus.

“Then, I separated a clone to protect it. For a thousand years, my clone has been teaching you. That’s why you’re so smart now and no longer listen to Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing,” said Wei Zhiqian.

“I’ve calculated that you have a calamity, and I can use this calamity to let you reincarnate. Although your three brothers only hope that you can reincarnate and live a happy life without any worries. But I’m touched by their love for you, so I was willing to give you another life. At that time, with your wisdom that has grown over a thousand years, you’d definitely be able to protect your family and live a happy life without any worries, and you won’t be schemed against again.”

“I let all of you reincarnate to make up for the shortcomings of your previous life,” Wei Zhiqian said, “You really did it. In your first life, it was your parents and three older brothers who protected you. In your third life, it was you who protected them.”

“As for me, I reincarnated into Wei Zhiqian before you did. I originally wanted to live with you for the rest of your life, but I didn’t expect…” Wei Zhiqian smiled gently. “Even I fell into it.”

The fate of marriage had its own destiny, and it couldn’t be defied. Thus, he let nature take its course.

“The third life ended, and we both returned here,” Wei Zhiqian said. “Because your third life was in the human world, it could be considered cultivation. So when you came back, you were directly cultivated into a human. And I also fused with my clone.”

Tan Mo opened her mouth, but she didn’t expect it to be so complicated.

In this case, it was master and Wei Zhiqian who saved her and her parents and brothers.

It was he who gave all of them a second chance and gave them a chance to be happy.

No wonder Wei Zhiqian treated her so well the first time he saw her.

It was as if he was inexplicably good for no reason.

Now she had all the answers.

“Thank you, thank you!” Tan Mo threw herself into Wei Zhiqian’s embrace and cried.

It turned out that he had not only protected her life in the human world.

He had protected her for two lifetimes.

Wei Zhiqian stroked her hair. “It’s fine now. We’ll be together forever. It really is as what I said before. We’ll be together forevermore.”

They would never grow old. They would always be the best in each other’s eyes.

“In the next few million years, you’d better not get tired of me.” Wei Zhiqian chuckled.

“I won’t! Not in a million years, not a billion years!” Tan Mo said.

“Right, then… What about my parents and brothers?” Tan Mo asked.

She didn’t want to be separated from them.

However, everyone had their own destiny, and she really couldn’t control it.

“My parents-in-law left a long time before us, so they have already been reincarnated,” Wei Zhiqian said. “But don’t worry. They were reincarnated and are still happy, and they will become husband and wife again.”

Wei Zhiqian waved his hand, and the scene in the mirror changed.

The young Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen appeared in the mirror.

The two of them were still college students.

They had been childhood sweethearts. They went to the same school and eventually to the same university.

After graduating from high school, Tan Wenci confessed to Xu Mingzhen.

The two of them naturally got together.

Tan Mo was happy but also a little sad. “It’s a pity that I can’t be their child anymore.”

“Although you can’t be their child anymore, it’s good enough for us to watch over and protect them,” Wei Zhiqian said. “Not only my in-laws, but also the two old folks and my parents. We will protect them all.”

“Okay.” Tan Mo nodded and felt that this was not bad either.

“What about my brothers?” Tan Mo asked.

“Your brothers have good fortune. Because in their first life, they used the rest of their lives to reincarnate you, and they were sincere to you and touched by the karma of cultivation. As a result, they planted good karma for themselves. In this life, they directly reincarnated and became the disciples of the West Ocean Immortal Lord,” Wei Zhiqian said, “But they haven’t reached the stage of cultivation yet, so they can’t recover the memories of their previous lives. When they are able to recover them in the future, we will go find them.”

“Okay.” Tan Mo was completely relieved.

This was really good.

This was enough.