Chapter 1  : I Don’t Want to Go to the Wei Family’s House

In the darkness, a ray of light in front grew bigger and bigger until the surroundings were enveloped in brightness.

“Wow!” Tan Mo was stunned.

Why did she utter a baby’s cry?

After a while, only then did Tan Mo remember.

She had been reincarnated.


In her previous life, she was a little snow fairy who had practiced for 999 years and 364 days and was from a white mountain.

She only had one day left to transform into human form.

However, on that day, her master wasn’t there, and she was taken away.

Although her master later snatched her back, she had already lost the opportunity to transform into human form, and her life was over.

Thus, her master sent her to be reborn.

She didn’t know how long she had been tossing and turning, but Tan Mo fell in a warm embrace that exuded a scent of milk.


“Tan Mo… You will be called Tan Mo from now on, okay?” Tan Mo saw a woman holding her while speaking to her gently.

Tan Mo waved her little hand in surprise. When she was still a little snow fairy in her previous life, she thought of a name for herself. She would be called Tan Mo, and she would use it as soon as she transformed into human form.

She didn’t expect that after being reincarnated and reborn, she was still able to go by this name.

“Sister, Tan Mo, I’m your third brother. My name is Tan Jinyi.” Little Bean, who was only four years old, asked in confusion, “Why is my sister’s name only has two syllables?”

“Because our younger sister is our little princess, so she must be different,” the eight-year-old Brother Tan said proudly.

Mother Tan gently put Tan Mo by the bed so that they can see her clearly. “Tan Mo, this is your older brother, Tan Jinqi.”


The six-year-old second brother Tan carefully studied Tan Mo. “Can my younger sister understand speech yet?”

Mother Tan said with a smile, “If you guys talk more, your sister will probably remember it.”

When the second brother Tan heard this, he immediately said, “Younger sister, younger sister, I’m your second brother, Tan Jinsheng. You must remember. If you can’t remember, I will tell you again later.”

Tan Mo, “...”


Tan Mo suddenly felt that these names were very familiar.

As she was thinking about this, from the conversation between Father Tan and Mother Tan, she found out that Father Tan was called Tan Wenci and Mother Tan was called Xu Mingzhen.

Tan Mo lost it completely.

In her last life, when she was a little snow fairy, the master used to sit next to her and chat with her. After learning that she had already given herself a name, from his magic treasure world mirror, he randomly found a girl also called Tan Mo. He let her look at the girl’s life in a story-like fashion.

The little snow fairy saw that the girl named Tan Mo was doted on by her parents and three elder brothers ever since she was born, and she developed a particularly good personality.

As a result, she was framed by her calculating cousin and used as a stepping stone. Her calculating cousin successfully married Wei Keli, the heir of the Wei family. That wasn’t even the worst part. To spare all later trouble, the calculating cousin directly caused Tan Mo to suffer a tragic death.

The parents that doted on their daughter for dear life were extremely grief-stricken, and they seemingly aged overnight.

In order to avenge their younger sister, Tan Mo’s brothers, who were elites in various industries, were all disgraced.

The entire Tan family suffered tragic endings.

Tan Mo didn’t recognize them at first because the brothers were all small kids now and their parents were still very young, completely different from their gloomy and miserable elderly appearances in the mirror.

Tan Mo remembered that when she was looking at the mirror, she even said that they were stupid. How could they be such pushovers?

Unexpectedly, she was reincarnated as Tan Mo now.

If that were the case, then she must not let such good parents and brothers, especially her beautiful and lovely new self, suffer that fate again!


Because Tan Mo was very obedient and didn’t cry or make trouble, Xu Mingzhen liked to put Tan Mo next to her so that she could see Tan Mo’s small face any time.

“How do you feel today?” Tan Wenci asked as soon as he entered the room.

Xu Mingzhen was staying in a maternity center, where three meals a day were specifically prepared by nutritionists.

She also received various postpartum massages that helped the body recover.

“Mo Mo is really a little lucky star.” Xu Mingzhen lightly tapped the tip of Tan Mo’s nose. “I feel that as long as she is by my side, my incision won’t hurt so much.”

Xu Mingzhen underwent C-section while giving birth to Tan Mo.

Tan Wenci felt that it was Xu Mingzhen’s psychological delusion.

Because she liked her daughter so much and was happy as long as her daughter was around, even the pain from the knife could be endured.

Little Tan Mo was what they had been looking forward to ever since they had their eldest child. They had been hoping for a daughter.

After the eldest child was born, still hoping to have a cute little girl, Xu Mingzhen planned to conceive a second child when Tan Jinqi was a little older.

In the end, she gave birth to her second son.

Xu Mingzhen was unwilling to give up even though she had been repeatedly dissuaded by Tan Wenci. Finally, she had Tan Mo.

Tan Wenci didn’t take Xu Mingzhen’s words seriously, but Tan Mo, who was lying on her side and sucking on her fingers, was stunned.

They didn’t know, but Tan Mo knew that she was a little snow fairy in her previous life.

As a little snow fairy, she had powers that ordinary snow fairies didn’t have.

Among the most basic functions of ordinary snow fairies, there were hemostasis and pain relief.

As a little snow fairy, she could exert its effects to the extreme.

Could her powers potentially disappear?

Tan Mo pondered in her heart and waited for a chance to try it out.

It was time for Xu Mingzhen to nurse Tan Mo, and Tan Mo was held in her arms.

Tan Mo noticed that Xu Mingzhen frowned. She was suffering and suppressing the sensation, but her face gradually paled.

Xu Mingzhen’s wound was hurting again.

Tan Mo discreetly stretched her arms and put her hand on Xu Mingzhen’s wound.

A steady stream of warmth spread from Tan Mo’s small hands to Xu Mingzhen’s wound.

Xu Mingzhen simply felt that her wound area was a bit warm. It wasn’t painful, but was very comfortable instead.

The frown on her face gradually disappeared. The wound was getting less painful to the extent that Xu Mingzhen could bear to ignore it.

Tan Mo lazily retracted her hand, and she didn’t even have the strength to drink milk.

She knew that she was still too small, and her body wasn’t strong enough to provide such a large amount of energy. She couldn’t completely eliminate the pain for Xu Mingzhen in one go. She could only take it slowly.

Although passing some energy to Xu Mingzhen every day would be a bit slow, it would still make Xu Mingzhen feel much better.

Tan Mo also forgot her current situation. Even if she grew up, because she had a human body, her energy level would definitely not be comparable to when she was a little snow fairy.

If she exerted too much energy, her body would become weak.

Thus, in the days to come, as long as Xu Mingzhen was holding Tan Mo, Tan Mo would take the opportunity to pass her small amounts of energy.

One day, Xu Mingzhen suddenly found out that, at some point in time, her wound didn’t hurt anymore.

No matter how she moved, it didn’t hurt at all.

“Mo Mo really loves her mother despite being so young,” Tan Wenci remarked. “She didn’t suffer when she was pregnant. Now, a wound that would usually take at least half a year to stop hurting doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Tan Mo pretended to be unaware, and her eyes widened as she sucked on her fingers.

But those innocent eyes still couldn’t help being filled with pride.

“Oh, does this cute rascal understand the meaning of our words?” Tan Wenci was pleasantly surprised to find that Tan Mo’s expression was especially animated and lively.

“This little girl, is she going to become a fairy?” With a smile on her face, Xu Mingzhen looked at Tan Mo. She couldn’t get enough of her.

Tan Mo grew up well-beloved by her parents and brothers.

The little snow fairy had been from the ground in her past life, and although she had wisdom, she hadn’t been free.

Throughout her entire life, the one closest to her was her master.

Besides that, she never knew what it was like to have parents and a family, let alone the happiness of being pampered by her parents and the bittersweet annoyance of being surrounded by brothers.

However, Tan Mo had experienced all of this during the six years after she was born.

She had long started to regard them as her dearest kin, her real family.

Xu Mingzhen was dolling up the six-year-old Tan Mo. Tan Mo was dressed however Xu Mingzhen saw fit.

Because Tan Mo had already gotten used to it, Xu Mingzhen completely treated her like a doll, and what she liked to do the most every day was to dress her up.

However, at that moment, Tan Mo was pouting her small lips. “I don’t want to go to the Wei family’s house.”