Chapter 1451: Chu Zheng Vs Mo Shengsheng Let’s Go, I’ll Bring You To Travel The World! (Finale)

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As the second generation of one of the richest families in the capital, Chu Zheng owned many assets although he was quite young.

Because the Gu family and the Mo family liked to buy houses, the Chu family followed and invested quite a bit in real estate.

The Mount Nan villas were one of them. The view was good, and it was a wealthy district. It was just right for a holiday.

The children with money would sometimes imitate the adults and buy them as investments.

In the capital, this was a status symbol.


Mo Yang had one, so it was not strange for Chu Zheng to have one too.

Mo Yang pursed his lips. He was not very pleased. He was not sure if he was displeased that Chu Zheng was interrupting his romantic time with his girlfriend or that the fellow was trying to please his younger sister.

Too bad this was his brother-in-law. He could not express his displeasure too overtly.

“Shengsheng is still young. My parents won’t allow her to travel far. Don’t you know that my father keeps a very close eye on her?”

Chu Zheng smiled, “I know that Uncle Mo dotes on Shengsheng, but won’t you be there also? With her older brother around and the rest of us following, Shengsheng will not be in any danger.”

Mo Yang: “…”


“The girl loves to play. She has so many young followers. She’s very busy during the holidays! She might not have time for you.”

Chu Zheng immediately said, “Then I’ll go and fetch her and see if she’s willing. If she’s not, then I’ll just drop it.

“See you at the Mount Nan villa.”

With that, he turned to leave without even waiting for Mo Yang to say anything.

Mo Yang: “…”

Why did he feel so infuriated?


The bastard clearly knew that Chu Yue would back him up, so Mo Yang would not refuse and, in fact, did not dare to refuse?

Chu Yue was Chu Zheng’s younger sister.

And Shengsheng was his younger sister!

This was… difficult to deal with!

When Chu Zheng drove to the garden outside the Mo house, he could hear the sound of quarreling children from afar. A group of children were gathered under the shade of a nearby tree. Upon careful examination, he noticed that most of them looked familiar. They were all children from neighboring families.

The large garden in this compound was strictly managed. Usually, children from outside the compound were not allowed to enter. Only residents could play here.

Chu Zheng walked over to look and realized that a girl had pushed a boy who was two years older than her to the ground and was punching him.

The children around her were clapping and cheering her on!

Chu Zheng recognized the boy on the ground. He was famous in the area for being a little tyrant, and he often bullied other children. Today, he must have offended Mo Shengsheng, and she was dealing with him.

The boy was two years older than Mo Shengsheng. He was stout and strong, but even so, the tough little girl had forced him to the ground, and he could not even get up.

Chu Zheng could not help but laugh. He did not interfere but stood there and watched the girl beat him.

After a while, the little girl vented all her rage. She let him go and gave him a vicious kick. She said sternly, “This is a lesson to you. If you dare to bully my people again, I’ll beat you until even your parents won’t recognize you! Hmph!”

The girl had the Mo family to back her up and a jealous and protective father, so she was completely self-assured.

The boy ground his teeth in rage but did not dare to say anything.

Once the beating was over, the crowd dispersed.

Chu Zheng was standing behind the crowd. He called to Mo Shengsheng, “Shengsheng!”

Mo Shengsheng turned her head and a brilliant smile immediately lit her exquisite face. “Brother Chu, why are you here?”

Chu Zheng looked at the girl with smiling eyes. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to go and fight!”

Mo Shengsheng’s beautiful eyes immediately lit up. She could not help but wave her little fists. “Really? Brother Chu, you’re finally going to bring me to travel the world?”