Chapter 2761: Epilogue (4) “Where… did you go? And why are you here now?”

Luo Xue stared at Ye Qingtang with a complicated expression.

“Let’s leave first.” Ye Qingtang smiled.

Luo Xue and You Yun were taken aback.

Leave? This was the land of despair in the Ancient God Karma Tunnel. How could they leave?

However, to their disbelief, Ye Qingtang gave a casual wave of her hand casually and in the blink of an eye, the cursed hell around them completely disappeared and they returned to the outside world.

When they returned to their senses, Luo Xue and You Yun realized that Ye Qingtang had already vanished without a trace as if she had never appeared.


Nevertheless, Ye Qingtang’s words echoed in their minds.

“I’ll give you three hundred years to cultivate your way to having a Perfected Immortal body. We will meet in the upper realm then…”

“Upper realm…”

You Yun muttered as she stared into the distance.




The Netherworld Academy.

A thousand years had passed in the blink of an eye. The Netherworld Academy was still the same as before. Although it had been a thousand years, nothing had changed.

“Nangong Lie.”

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At the back of the mountain, Ye Qingtang appeared behind a man and patted his left shoulder.

Nangong Lie turned around instinctively.


When he saw who it was, Nangong Lie’s pupils constricted. Disbelief and shock appeared in his eyes.

“You… you…” Nangong Lie’s body trembled as he pointed at Ye Qingtang.

“You don’t recognize me anymore?” Ye Qingtang smiled.

“Boss… Boss?!” Nangong Lie grabbed Ye Qingtang’s arm excitedly. “Is that you? Boss, is that really you?! Impossible, is this an illusion?!”

As he spoke, Nangong Lie slapped himself.

“It’s not an illusion… Is it really you, Boss?!” Nangong Lie babbled in shock.

The youth in white standing beside Nangong Lie appeared unchanged even though a thousand years had passed.

Before long, Yun Chen, Jing Ze, Qin Feng, Lei Yan and the others received the news and returned to the Netherworld Academy.

Everyone was in disbelief when they saw Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qing had gone missing for a thousand years. They had tried to investigate and search for their elusive teacher but failed to find any clues.

Who would have thought that their boss would return to the Netherworld Academy after a thousand years?

“Where’s Mu Ziying?” Ye Qingtang did not see Mu Ziying.

“Boss, Mu Ziying has already returned to the Puppet Emperor’s side. She is the Puppet Emperor’s granddaughter after all. Now that she is in charge over there, we rarely have contact with her.” Lei Yan explained as he stared at Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang nodded. “I see.”

“Boss, should we inform Mu Ziying? If she knows that Boss is back, she’ll be so happy that she’ll fly into the sky!” Nangong Lie said hurriedly.

Ye Qingtang smiled. “Sure.”

That same day, Lei Yan found a way to inform Mu Ziying. After half a day, Mu Ziying, who had not changed much, returned to the Netherworld Academy.

The moment Mu Ziying saw Ye Qingtang, a mist appeared in her eyes and she hugged Ye Qingtang. “Boss, where did you go?!”

Ye Qingtang’s lips curled up slightly as she stroked Mu Ziying’s long hair. “It’s not important where I went. What’s important is that we are together now, no?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Boss hasn’t changed at all. Just like an old demon!” Lei Yan hurriedly nodded.

Qin Feng and Mu Ziying glared at Lei Yan.

Late into the night, teacher and disciples sat by the fire, talking about the past. Waves of laughter and joy seemed to echo forever.

A few days later, Ye Qingtang quietly left the Netherworld Academy and returned to the upper realm.

Before she left, Ye Qingtang quietly infused divinity into Qin Feng and the others. They would meet again in the upper realm hundreds of years later.