Chapter 5899: Only Twelve Words  

“There is meaning to the dao when the dao heart is firm. Otherwise, it is only a tool that turns the user into an emotionless wanderer.” Li Qiye concluded.

“Meaning to the dao when the dao heart is firm.” Sword quietly repeated.

“Thus, your obsession with the sword is a good thing. As for the overlords falling into the darkness while using the sword dao, the dao isn’t at fault here, only the user. Just look at the mortals. Are all of them kind and good-hearted? No, a variety exists. Thus, use the dao heart as the judge, not power or appearance.” Li Qiye said: “You’ve seen the ugliness of the overlords, but let’s not forget Divine Ancestor who was a guardian. Was he protecting the living beings? Not necessarily, he protected his dao heart against the darkness, not yielding for a second.”

“I see.” Sword never thought of it this way - needing to protect the self always despite becoming so strong as an overlord.

“If the emperors and overlords can defend themselves from temptation, would the world be as ugly? Would it need saviors?” Li Qiye said.

“It would not.” Sword answered.


“There’s a perfect phrase to describe this, when you gaze at the abyss, it gazes back at you.” Li Qiye sighed: “You observed the overlords and wished to reach their realm. However, their darkness also pulled you in. You must ask yourself the reason for moving forward. Is it only to stay alive or to grow stronger? If that’s the case, greed will come for you and that’s when the real test begins, see if you can maintain your dao heart.”

“It’s all in the heart, not cultivation realm.” Sword understood.

“Yes, that’s the foundation. The dao is wonderful but we can’t say the same regarding human nature.” Li Qiye said softly.

“Thank you for the lesson, Sacred Teacher.” Sword’s eyes regained some of their brightness as he bowed.

“You have done well.” Li Qiye patted his shoulder and smiled sincerely. “I understand now, I will pursue the sword again.” He took a deep breath and said.

“You’ve always understood, it’s just that the path tortured you. Being around the darkness was also difficult.” Li Qiye said.


“I won’t stop now, I will cultivate again.” His aura changed entirely afterward.

“There is a long way to go for everyone.” Li Qiye said.

“And we still need your guidance.” Sword said.

“I am leaving soon so I shall tell you more. After all, I have never fully explained it.” Li Qiye said and called for Hao Hai, World, Profound, Ren Xian, and many others.

“Sacred Teacher.” One apex cultivator arrived after another.

“We all know that the imperial realm is only the beginning.” Li Qiye said to the group: “At this level, your dao heart is relatively firm and this is essential for the longer road ahead. Otherwise, all would be for naught.”


“Sacred Teacher, is there no end to the path?” Hao Hai asked.

“To summarize plainly, I have twelve words.” Li Qiye said.

“Emperor first, then primal ancestor, next is overlord, and finally, pseudo-immortals.” Li Qiye began a dao lecture.

As he continued, bright images and other phenomena manifested behind him.

After a brief pause, Immortal Emperor Ren Xian remarked: “We can become ancestors right now.”

“Yes, to break down the process, an emperor can see anima or the true self. With that, they can observe the origination and seek immortality. No one can skip any step here.” Li Qiye said.

Heavenly flowers descended and vast azures formed above him. Wonderful springs of the dao gushed joyfully.

“Are there clear instructions to progress?” Profound Emperor asked humbly. “Each link in this process can be followed, anima to the primal level, everlasting stage, and finally, immortality.” Li Qiye elaborated.

His light descended around the emperors. The grand dao erupted in harmony as the group became immersed in the lesson.

“What are the obstacles we must surpass?” Sword asked.

“First is the limit break path to obtain the primal anima, then the everlasting stage requires extinguishment...” Li Qiye answered.

As the group’s grand dao harmonized with his teachings, they gained a clearer perspective on the path forward.

Previously, the shackles of the dao left them puzzled. Some have obtained a primal anima but didn’t know how the next step - the overlord realm.

Now, he laid a clear foundation and instructions for the group. They meditated for a long time, digesting this new information.


Li Qiye traveled through space with a companion - a supreme beauty that could be described by the word “immortal”. No woman in this mortal realm could surpass her, whether it be in terms of appearance or aura.

She was none other than Triune Immortal. She took out Finality to return it to him.

“The nine heavenly treasures are special and priceless, but it is more suitable in your hand.” He smiled and shook his head.

“Perhaps you can make use of it during your journey.” She said softly.

“The sword won’t be as useful where I’m going so I don’t need it. I only picked it up to have some fun.” Li Qiye said: “There is a pact for this epoch, so the villainous heaven won’t do anything even when you keep it.”

“Then I will protect in your stead.” She said.

“Protect is a strong word, just focus on yourself, and don’t worry about anything else. The epoch needs no savior.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You’re right.” She agreed.