Chapter 2938 A Pair of Eyes  

"It's unlikely to be one of the God Races. The God Realm has been in too great a state of peace for this to happen."

"That leaves two."

The two didn't even discuss the original conclusion because they already implicitly understood the logic.

They were known as the wisest of all the Races in Existence, so they obviously had an understanding of the situation of the God Realm that few could match.

They had already concluded that this was a trap. So if it was really related to one of the God Races, that would mean that a relationship between two factions should have deteriorated to the point of bloodshed.

But there were simply no grudges that were this bad yet.


Of course, the Pluto Race was being suppressed by many, but they were still firmly the top dog of the God Realm. It didn't make sense to expect anyone to take such drastic measures to deal a blow to a competitor in this way.

Obviously, they had also tacitly come to understand that this was more of a trap for whoever was on the inside than whoever was on their way here.

"We do not have enough information about the happenings in the lower Realms to make a proper conclusion."


"Would you like to investigate?"

"Regardless of what the answer is, this world is too valuable and there has already been a second buyer of this information, most likely another God Race as well. It is doubtful that a Demi-God Race would have enough liquidity to take such a risk."


"It may potentially be a risk for us as well. If it is the Alliance, then it can be handled to some extent, but it will still be troublesome. If it is the Variant Invalids... it will be many times more difficult."

"I will go to gather more information about the happenings of this world. You remain here, observe the situation and see what happens when the second of the Gods arrives." Willowyn nodded and didn't say anything else as Bracken vanished into the distance.


Willowyn truly had the patience of an ancient tree. Let alone moving, she didn't even seem to be breathing at all. She just stood in the vast, empty void in silence, her hands clasped behind her back and her head slightly lowered. It wasn't until a long while later, days even, that she slowly raised her head.

Her dull golden eyes seemed to pierce through the void and she landed on a particular pair of figures in the far-off distance.



The pair were humanoid much like the Sylvans, though this wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was that they both had the heads of lions.

The Beastman Race.

They were a savage Race of humanoids known for their overbearing physical strength. In fact, in terms of physical prowess, they were only weaker than the Plutos.

Their endurance was practically everlasting and it was said that their battlelust could burn even the Stars.

It was rare just in general for them to participate in such things. In this way, they were a lot like the Barbarian Race, focusing on battle rather than external matters like collecting Incomplete Worlds.

But then again, what Race and organization didn't need money to function? Even the Beastmen were no different, and as such, maybe it wasn't too surprising that they'd make a move this time.

It couldn't have been better in Willowyn's opinion. These brutes would almost certainly take the bait, and the uses of their souls weren't nearly as refined.

Though, they did have special abilities like the Rapax that could protect them.

The Rapax were capable of innately hiding away from Internal Sight, but the Beastmen were on another level entirely. They were immune to mental manipulation and the tricks of Dream Force.

This strength came not just out of nowhere, but rather because of their battle prowess.

Beastmen were able to channel their emotions into a Battlelust Lineage Factor. This allowed them control over their states of mind that made it almost impossible for outsiders to shake them.

However, that didn't make them any more intelligent. That said, the only reason Willowyn was able to spy on them without being seen was because of the special ability of her own Race.

The Sylvans had powerful senses, but they didn't rely on Internal Sight or the Dream Plane. Instead, the longer they spent rooted in place, the further their Natural Domain could spread. As though a tree spreading their canopy through the world, they could make a region into their own personal forest... whether the enemies noticed or not.

Both Beastmen stood boldly in the void, their chests rippling with dense hair and dancing, vascular muscles. Their manes were braided down the length of their heads and jaws, and then adorned with various trinkets that seemed to be spoils of battle. The combination made them look particularly tribal.

However, what neither Willowyn nor the Beastmen expected was that before the latter could take the vanguard and enter, the world would lose its color.

The change didn't come from the Incomplete World, but rather the entirety of Existence itself.

At that moment, it seemed as though a pair of looming eyes had appeared over every horizon. No matter where you looked, so long as it was into the distance, it would strike fear into one's very heart. Even the Sylvans and Beastmen were no different.

They had felt this before...

It was the feeling of staring at a Void Beast.

Their hearts sunk to the bottom of an abyss and sweat coated their bodies. Many who looked at this scene with far too much ferocity and carelessness fainted. If not for the fact that the sight was mostly illusory, they would have directly lost their lives without the slightest suspense.

The image persisted for a short while before it slowly faded...

However, even though it was only a short while, it sent the entire God Realm into a wild upheaval.

The appearance of those eyes could only mean one thing.

The Northern Star Lineage Factor had once again birthed a Void Beast.

Dream Force experts of all shapes and creeds raised their methods to the limits as they scoured Existence for this person. Even the Dharmas moved out.

But what they didn't expect was that it would be far easier than any of them could ever expect.

They all found him at once.

A boy, beaten and broken, laying in a pool of his own blood in a mere Mortal Realm.

Leonel Morales.